Why NCB Foodservice?

Expertise, professionalism and total commitment are all pre-requisites of our supply partners. Our passion coupled with our experience in the foodservice sector provides numerous benefits to our potential partners in business.

This ensures service and product are to customer specifications and expectations across each of the product sectors, giving individual attention to local needs and providing you the buyer with the very best of both worlds.

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The Benefits of NCB Foodservice
  • National Agreement
  • Regional Service
  • Unlimited Capacity & Flexibility
  • Excellent Regional Service
  • National Pricing
  • Supply Charter
  • Central Procurement Policy
  • Committed to Technology
  • Independently Audited

NCB Foodservice Ltd, Hamilton Office Park, 17 High View Close, Leicester, LE4 9LJ - 0116 274 1300 - sales@ncb.co.uk